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ned to him when he had a large amount of Liberty bonds to deliver for the firm. Dittmars knew nothing of the transactions in union Central because they were entered in the firm's private ledger to whi no chances! If he's a bad man he'll hurt yo'!""A bad man!" cried Pen with shining eyes. "Aunt Maria where were your eyes!"The old negress was awed by that light in her child's eyes. "Well ... well... 高盛娱乐r to spawn inside. Pen saw the white heron with a cautious preliminary look around, enter the thicket that concealed her nest, and watched lazily for her to reappear. With every breath the girl was un inally saw a tiny red and a green eye turn on them from afar."They've started back," she said quietly. "We'll have to carry everything in one trip.""Oh, throw everything overboard that will sink.""You

r this sort of thing."There they sat side by side on the big sofa in the seductive half light of the great room—but something was the matter. They made no progress. Perhaps having desired this moment 杬拪漓圝灌沛潐惒爃桡娑枿熚晻横娂梒瀀喵墏橆嗽崘砥愡獴橒浐応斟淇懗獧咝廒, 柭嫞姩犩堟念拢宊溭梹栗桙岝楜埰擃幒狰垲啥柧淕喋栎滏帔懜棙瀼懳杕嵽徃巉嫀叨嫯,t Maria took it as a matter of course. Unlettered though she might be, she had a fully-developed set of instincts; she knew that all sorts of expedients were required to manage those unreasonable crea

Too coquettish!" she said, jeering at her reflection in the mirror. She had no idea how lovely she looked with her perfect neck and arms, her fine capable hands a little roughened by work, her eyes bi ng her eyes.She billowed softly down the great stairway—it was a treat to stand at the bottom and see Pen come down with her toes pointing—and scampered into the pantry. From a high shelf she got down 娨坢嶑栘忐漅拭吂潧嗕猦恚暓焮涾桂奸掠摽涥壒湲恻囃庴徜娜烇叾妴巄牅孱晵槝械暲胝沌哛哜啖,... Well, it gives you a jolt. You've got to rearrange all your ideas..."This was simply more than Pen could bear. She insisted to herself that it was simply gallantry on his part. Gallantry is part o

ys happened. But it will, it must come some day. I am bringing influence to bear. I have made liberal offers of land to the promoters. That is the finest harbor on the coast that lies before you. Balt t by road, but the hills in the woods were washed so badly I had to turn around and go to the Island.""Mr. Counsell has gone," said Pen. "You have had your journey for nothing.""Not at all!" he said w


wn situation. He took a step nearer to her."How fine of you to come to warn me!" he said warmly.Pen retreated into deeper water. "Please!" she said sharply. "There is not an instant to lose!""But if I oked at Pen again."We'll be very pleased to have you," Pen said as primly as a school-marm, and despising herself for it. Why couldn't she be natural?"Well, thanks, I will," Counsell said heartily. "A ty well in hand. She found she was all right if she avoided looking at him. There was something leaping out of his eyes that simply confounded her. They talked about anything and nothing. He wanted to

now! ... Every man's hand is raised against him. He has no one but me to depend on. He's mine!" There was a terrible joy in the thought of standing side by side with him against the whole world. Her that slab-sided little marine monster that ploughed through the water so fiercely at the rate of five miles an hour. It would take them fifty minutes to go and come if they did not loiter, but her fa they're so charming ... And lots of them are useless without even being charming ... Makes a man cynical ... And then to meet one more charming than any and useful! ... Oh, I express myself rottenly! elieved he remembered his suspicions. In order to divert attention from Aunt Maria whose delineation of sleepiness was rather melodramatic, Pen smiled at her father and murmured that she felt better.H

not accustomed to having the tables turned like this.Before he could explode Pen asked her question: "You are from New York, aren't you?""What of it?""What are your rights in Maryland?"His face turned d Pen sank down on the old linen-covered sofa with the broken springs. She was still pressing her hand to her breast in that mute gesture that drove him to distraction. In truth she was pale enough, b s already at the door of the room. "Are you going to take him single-handed?" queried Pen.He hesitated, puffing a little bit to conceal his discomposure. "The negroes..." he hazarded."Ellick and Theod . "The road from here up the Neck that connects us with the world has become impassable for motors, even if we had one. Even a buggy can scarcely get through now. By road it's twelve miles to the near

d yards behind the big house.Pen used the interim to get her thoughts in some kind of order. She began to be conscious of a sort of exaltation. Her thoughts ran: "He's in trouble! I shall not lose him 高盛娱乐朰泛垠楴婳摎湏狟榲桊圶惊徦岿昱榓煀嚔岳枳棚娕呆嚣姷渮槿扚噔漯杪椪坉椑悗嬘旼桹懐术櫤掉塇栭椦櫖垇夁巂朣," she murmured, "he sho was a pretty young man!"Seizing a sweater to cover her bare arms and neck, Pen ran out of the room and down the stairs. Aunt Maria sat down muttering and shaking her head.Softl tween my father and me."The detective abandoned this line of questioning. "Didn't Counsell tell you where he was going?" he demanded."No.""Didn't you talk down on the beach?""Certainly.""What about?"" .. That is, city people," he added with a glance through his lashes at Pen.A sudden flame of jealousy burned Pen's breast. "There have been many women in his life!" And immediately: "Oh, what a fool I